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    Welcome to the website of the South Hampshire Indoor Cricket League. Find the latest news as well as fixtures, results, statistics and tables for the current and previous seasons.

  • Change to Scoresheet Submission Process

    The League has announced a change to the scoresheet submission process, see below for more info.

  • Cup Draw

    The draws for the opening rounds of this season's cup competitions have been drawn. Details can be found below.

Latest Results
Hursley Ladies A won by 78 runs
Southampton Community B won by 34 runs
Hursley Ladies C won by 18 runs
Hursley Park A won by 2 runs
Bramshaw 120-3 | 105 Locks Heath A
Bramshaw won by 15 runs
Southampton Community A won by 40 runs
Fair Oak 143-3 | 100-3 Redfoot Tigers
Fair Oak won by 43 runs
Hursley Park B 155-5 | 138 Trojans
Hursley Park B won by 17 runs
Totton & Eling won by 70 runs
Upcoming Matches
Sunday 3rd November 2019
15:30 on Court L
Sunday 3rd November 2019
15:30 on Court M
Sunday 3rd November 2019
16:35 on Court L
Sunday 3rd November 2019
16:35 on Court M
Sunday 3rd November 2019
17:40 on Court M
Sunday 3rd November 2019
18:45 on Court L
Sunday 3rd November 2019
18:45 on Court M
Sunday 3rd November 2019
19:50 on Court L
Sunday 3rd November 2019
19:50 on Court M
Sunday 3rd November 2019
20:55 on Court L
Sunday 3rd November 2019
20:55 on Court M

Latest News

Change to Scoresheet Submission Process

In reaction to some consistent issues/omissions on scoresheets both in previous seasons and in the first week of this season, the Committee have taken it upon themselves to offer some educational resources in an attempt to both improve the capability of scorers who already score and to introduce new people to scoring so all teams have (at least) one competent scorer. The Committee are acutely aware how difficult scoring an indoor match can be, as it is both much faster and a variation in rules to the easier experience of the outdoor game and at times, we have probably fallen short in offering support around learning this specific scoring.

Overnight, clubs will have received notice of a scorers training session we’re offering but more immediately, we have made an alteration to the scoresheet submission process. Whereas before we only requested one scoresheet to be submitted per match, we will now require two scoresheets submitted per match; one per team.

This will change what set of scoresheets your scorer will need to acquire pre-match. Previously, one set of triplicate sheets would have been used per match; with the home scorer using the white and yellow sheets and the away scorer using the pink sheet. The home scorer would then submit the white sheet and retain the yellow sheet for their records if they wished. The away scorer would keep the pink sheet that they scored on if they wished.

This will now change to two sets of triplicate sheets being used per match; one per scorer. Each scorer will score on the white sheet, which will then both be submitted as confirmation of the result. They may retain the yellow and pink copies should they wish to do so. We also request that each scorer makes note of who they were scoring for on the scoresheet. The option to score via Play-Cricket Scorer remains available.

This change will help lead a concerted effort from the Committee to analyse the scoresheets we receive and then feedback improvements that need to/should be made. This will form part of the larger education process to help teams avoid newly introduced penalties in section 1.3.2 b) of Appendix B of the Constitution.

We shall attempt to aid the flow of this process over the next few weeks with reminders and by pre-writing the date, home team, away team, competition and whose scoresheet it is to fill in on a pile of scoresheets for each week of fixtures.

Please notify relevant people of this as required. If anyone has any questions regarding scoring, please get in touch with Mike Varney (our Results Secretary - results.secretary@shicl.co.uk) or Phil Green (our Fixtures Secretary – fixtures.secretary@shicl.co.uk) who will be championing this educational effort.

Cup Draw

The draws for the opening rounds of this season's cup competitions have been drawn. Dates of each fixture will be released in due course.

Ladies Cup:

  • Chapel Gate vs. Wellow & Plaitford
  • Hursley Ladies A vs. Petersfield Pallas
  • Southampton University vs. Hursley Ladies C

Hursley Ladies B receive a bye through to the next round.

Men's Cup:

  • Totton & Eling vs. Southampton Community A
  • Punjab Lions vs. Redfoot Tigers
  • Trojans vs. MSCC Juniors
  • Southampton Community B vs. Lyndhurst & Ashurst
  • Sway Seahawks vs. Old Tauntonians & Romsey B
  • The Vine vs. Hursley Park A
  • Old Netley & Highfield vs. Fair Oak
  • Hythe & Dibden vs. Langley Manor
  • Coopervision vs. Burridge B
  • Peartree vs. Locks Heath B
  • Hursley Park B vs. Southampton Travellers

Burridge A, Bramshaw, Locks Heath A, Old Tauntonians & Romsey A and Sarisbury Athletic receive byes to the next round.

A new introduction to this season's format will see the losing teams in the first round of the Cup be entered into a Men's Plate competition.

Under 14's Cup:

Round 1:

  • Hursley Park vs. Old Tauntonians & Romsey

Round 2:

  • Fair Oak vs. Burridge Bulldogs
  • Compton & Chandlers Ford vs. Hursley Park/Old Tauntonians & Romsey
  • Burridge Bears vs. Totton & Eling
  • Barbarians vs. Trojans

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The South Hampshire Indoor Cricket League was inaugurated in 1976 as the Farley's Indoor League. All the matches are played throughout the autumn and winter at Places Leisure Eastleigh (formerly Fleming Park Leisure Centre). The league consists of three Men's Divisions, a Ladies Division and either one or two Juniors Divisions.

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